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Rivamare, clothing Imperia

RIVAMARE offers "a fairy tale"
a moment of relaxation to take all for yourself where you can take a dip in fashion
and appreciate the latest trends in Italian and international fashion.

Also in line with the news, with us you can find taste, quality, elegance and a touch of originality that will make you feel special in every occasion.

RIVAMARE offers its three stores
to be able to satisfy your every need.

The most caring to new trends will satisfy your own desires
at the Boutique at Via Monti, in the historic center.

Those who love an easy and sporty look should be directed to
the sport store in Calata Cuneo, on the port of Oneglia.

Finally, for those who don’t want to give up on the elegance and good taste, but is looking for the deal, there is our outlet at the Marina of Porto Maurizio
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Rivamare Wear
Calata cuneo 63 - Imperia
Tel +39 0183 295791 - 720931
P.I. 00902280080
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